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Architectural Curriculum Students And The Real World

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Architecture is a layering of systems in relation to one another to give significance to the built form. Likewise practice of architecture operates in a similar framework, within a series of governing systems. It is within this system of regulatory factors that architects strive to provide solutions through design interventions. Although throughout the curriculum of architecture it is consistently reiterated that architecture is a field of passion, a starving artist profession. This is done with little or no emphasis on architecture as a service business, but rather architecture as pure design, where the ideal actually lies between the two. Architects are thought to control and design systems to create functional meaningful buildings, which relate to inhabitants, but are not thought to exist within the framework of society. The profession of architecture could be far more prominent if it would shift a portion of its perspective to practice, public perceptions, and the education of these considerations, rather than promote the few popular options of practice, commercial large scale or small suffering starving artist; but to promote the ideas that an innovative entrepreneurship can help diversify the industry, creating more than two typical business models.

In the architectural curriculum students are hardly exposed to the business mentality of the outside world. Although my education has been entirely juxtaposed between the architectural ideal, and its execution in a real world environment, with that of an evolving small family business. Being raised in this environment gave me an interesting opportunity to co-exist from a young age in both realms of the consumer and the business owner, and how one influences the other. Although deciding to pursue an entirely different career in architecture, the lessons learnt are equally valuable to that of the formal training of an architect.

Fundamentally the lessons are the same; it requires an attention to detail and a consideration for your client. Although the architectural education one receives is the initial framework where they learn to hone their skills, it is missing the level of relational depth that the working industry provides. Students are capable of approaching most projects within a limitless budget, with their tutor and themselves as the client. As an architect you are creating a unique product to solve a specific problem, in contrast to selling a range of products to satisfy a predetermined void in the market, where you mass-produce the products in bulk and sell them in smaller quantities to a buyer. It’s an issue of supply and demand, which is a result of economic and market demand. There is direct correlation in economic scale of the final product, thus resulting in greater financial obstacles. A simple understanding of what happens with an oversaturated market is also useful to that of architecture. For a client there are so many options out there, often decided on the accumulated...

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