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Architectural Emotion Essay

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In this modern era, non-comparatives between today’s buildings and the yester years buildings of the nineteenth century are due to size and contextual attributes, but one comparative that today’s buildings lack in is raw emotion within spatial design. Paul Goldberger’s book, ‘Why Architecture Matters’ touches on important architectural issues that influence us on our perception of architectural interior space, this essay will reflect on this by looking at the comparative aspects of the commercial and retail spaces of a pair of buildings within Auckland central business district, those being Elliot Stables and Telecom Place.
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Ultimately the age gap between these two buildings naturally creates obvious characteristic differences and the evolution of commercial and retail spatial design, good and bad.
Emotion is fundamental to design. Out of our five senses, vision is considered the top of the pecking order. For a multi-sensory experience, a true example of good architecture would be nurtured through our eyes helping our mind expand on the other senses of feel, smell, taste and hearing. Sensory interaction with space helps construct parameters and direction. Goldberger states ‘the nature and feel of the space within a building can mean as much as anything else about the building, and sometimes more. Internal commercial spaces need to consider emotion and compassion within design to create objectivity with experiences that help inspire and relate. For a space to be successful, the design needs to focus on the end user, people. Emotion is feeling which encapsulates within the space, sensation, passion and sentiment. Elliot Stables conveys emotion utilizing solid and rustic materialistic qualities which help enhance the inhabitant’s sensory experience. This experience creates a comfortable relaxing environment which appeals to much wider audience creating good foot traffic establishing a vibrant atmosphere. Telecom Place however lacks in compassion and empathy for the end user but suits a more robust corporate model. The building exterior is reflective in nature so the exterior experience already offers no understanding of what to see or imagine that exists behind the glass facades. Once inside, the interior space feels loose and disorganized. It’s quite hard to find any materials that conveyed permanence and substance other than the dark smooth stone tiled floor. Even the mass of flooring showed no deviation of texture or demarcation other than accessibility areas of caution. For such a large extravagant area the inhabitant finds themselves left wanting and feeling flat. Unlike Elliot Stables natural flow of materials, Telecom Place lacked equality, tactility and continuity of materiality due a series of distracting visions that don’t engage with any of the remaining senses. Smell and taste; compared to Elliot Stables there’s no aroma of freshly grinded coffee as the eateries are tucked under bulkheads and not engaging the primary paths of foot traffic. Sound; no dedicated areas of ground floor soft furnishings and comfort that creates interaction other than the tucked away eateries. What we have left is a hard open space that’s only there for pedestrian traffic and no tolerance for idle conversation. Touch; because of the abundance of smooth hard cold surfaces and composite materials, there’s a lack of differential texture which deadens the sense of touch. Elliot Stables shows plenty of textural touch; the feel of the undulating cobbles beneath your shoes, the grains of the solid hardwood and exposed roughness of the brick and stone, help elevate an oblivious emotion...

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