Architectural Engineer Essay

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Architectural Engineer

     An architectural engineer designs structures such as houses,
skyscrapers, and bridges based on his knowledge of materials and how
they handle forces.

I. Introduction
A. History
B. Definition

II. Education
A. Suggested high school education
1. General subjects
2. Types of people
B. College
C. Post-College
1. Internship
2. Becoming registered

III. Employment
A. Specialization
B. Acquiring a job
C. The building industry

IV. Structures
A. Cottages
B. Solar houses
C. New Jersey Aquarium

V. Conclusion

     Architectural engineers are in demand wherever buildings are being
designed or constructed (“Architectural Engineer/Career Opportunities” 1).
The building industry is the largest single sector of the U.S. economy; it
expands with the continually expanding economy. As new technologies
and materials evolve, the need for better skilled architectural engineers
evolves. Greater complexity leads to increasing fields in specialization
(Belcher 7-8).
      The tradition of an individual being the sole creator of a building was
carried on by architects until the 19th century and the rise of industrialized
iron. When the technology for applying steel became too complex to add
to a person’s other knowledge about buildings, architects were forced to
work alongside of steel experts, or civil engineers. A need became
apparent for people whose sole professional focus was on the design of
buildings, but whose education as engineers afforded them mastery of the
technologies and materials involved in structural, mechanical, and electrical
systems (Belcher 1).
     Architectural engineering is a profession which focuses on the
problem-solving techniques of the engineer toward the design and
construction of a safe, economical building (“Architectural Engineering/
General Information” 1).
     The U.S. has about 65,000 licensed architects. Only a few are
women, but the number is rising rapidly (“Architecture Careers” 634). The
National Society of Architectural Engineers (NSAE) arose as the career
became more important to American society. The NSAE is the professional
society devoted to the promotion of, and the dissemination of information
about, architectural engineering (Belcher 2).
     High school students interested in becoming architects should take
courses in art, history, foreign languages, mechanical drawing, social
studies, and especially mathematics. Students are also encouraged to take
courses in computer science if such courses are available. In addition,
students able to obtain a part-time job in an architect’s office can gain
valuable experience (“Architecture Careers”634).
      The type of person who chooses architecture as a profession tends
to be highly creative,...

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