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Architectural Engineering Essay

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There are 25 major specialties in engineering that are recognized by professional societies. In any one of those 25 specialties, the goal of the engineer is the same. The goal is to be able to come up with a cost effective design that aids people in the tasks they face each day. Whether it be the coffee machine in the morning or the roads and highways we travel, or even the cars we travel in, it was all an idea that started with an engineer. Someone engineered each idea to make it the best solution to a problem. Even though engineer’s goals are similar, there are many different things that engineers do within their selected field of engineering. This paper will focus on the architectural field of engineering.

Like all engineers, architectural engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to research and develop economical solutions to technical problems. Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and commercial applications. Engineers design products, machinery to build those products, factories in which those products are made, and the systems that ensure the quality of the product and efficiency of the workforce and manufacturing process. Engineers design, plan, and supervise the construction of buildings, highways, and transit systems. They develop new materials that both improve the performance of products and help implement advances in technology. Engineering knowledge is applied to improving many things, including the quality of health care, the safety of food products, and the efficient operation of financial systems.

Architectural engineers help plan how a building is constructed so that it will look and function the way it was designed. Their work includes preparing building design and construction documents, cost estimating and construction-related projects. Architectural engineers should be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail-oriented. They should be able to work as part of a team and be able to communicate well, both orally and in writing.

Most architectural engineers work in office buildings, laboratories, or industrial plants. Others may spend time outdoors at construction sites where they can monitor or direct operations or solve onsite problems. Some engineers travel extensively to plants or work sites.

Most architectural engineers work a standard 40-hour week. At times, deadlines or design standards may bring extra pressure to a job. When this happens, architectural engineers may work longer hours and experience considerable stress. Longer hours can also be a part of the job depending on the position. For someone at a high level in a company, longer hours might be necessary in order to make a profit for the company.

Admissions requirements for undergraduate engineering schools include a solid background in mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus), sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), and courses in English, social studies, humanities, and computers....

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