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Nikita MadisonProfessor NeuEnglish 10223 October 2007Ethnography: Boise State Football FansWhen you enter a crowd there is a certain tone to the environment. With each gathering this tone is always different. Depending on the circumstance, the tone can range anywhere from hostile to joyous and many of the in between. However, as you enter into a crowd of BSU football fans the tone is always the same. You cannot help but curl the corners of your lips up towards your ears as a nerf football zings across your face barely missing your nose. You look around to find the culprit standing wide-eyed with all sorts of apology in his eyes. Dressed in a mini jersey representing the number 41 boldly and with pride you see a boy around seven years old soaking in the excitement of his favorite pass time; the Broncos football game.Everyone seems to have a constant smile on their face and dressed in fashionable blue and orange attire. It is true that these fans are joined in unity as one Bronco Nation. It is also true that there are many levels of Bronco fans that go unnoticed. There are reasons as to why fans support their teams and enjoy the game. Many of these reasons are directly related to the fans' demographics. Intricate layers of different culture, age, alumni-status, gender, behavior, and social status, mesh into the well-known and difficult-to-ignore sea of blue and orange.Although there are different cultures in the world of sports, there is absolutely no dominant one. In the book, The Adoring Audience, Lisa A. Lewis examines the realm of different types of sports fans. She separates people into three different categories: the "fans" - who are devious, disreputable, and dangerous and "people like us" - students, professors, and social critics who are more reputable and "collectors" - or those who invest in order to receive something of value in return (Adoring 9). After conducting interviews with three people about their experience and involvement with the Boise State football team, I agreed with Lewis in my conclusion that there was no significant difference in the mental capability or social awareness of those who were interviewed. Ashley Mckeever-Ferguson stated that she believed herself to be in the category "people like us". She did not attest to being a die-hard sports fan but enjoys the social interaction achieved at games (Mckeever-Ferguson). Tod Kimmell confirms himself to be a true "fan" not missing a Bronco game or event. He says he watches at least nine to twelve hours of football a week, two hours of reading articles online or watching television shows on channels like ESPN, FOX Sports, and KTVB. His discussion time for sports is on average sixty minutes every day with fellow fans or opponents (Kimmell). The "collector" I interviewed, named Bill Madison, has been a faithful patron to the Boise State football team for 40 years "and going strong". He believes that the game is a great way to benefit as a...

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