Some Of The Aspects Of Architecture

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The subject of architecture is sometimes thought to be boring. Many building that we see are simple in structure and design. There is nothing particularly special about the way a simple house or government building looks. In fact many of us may believe that anybody could be an architect. We are ignorant to the rich history of architecture. We are also largely unaware of the amount of education, planning, or intelligence needed to be an architect or design a building. Many also do not take into account that architects are not only responsible for simple structures, such as houses and libraries, but also excessive structures, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and the Sydney Opera House. These, and many other structures, are breathtaking visions, designed by supposedly boring architects. Not to mention architects make a sizeable living for themselves. Although on the surface architecture may appear to be boring or listless, it is actually very interesting.
Many elements of history came together to create society. The Sumerians contributed math, a calendar system, and the written language. Mesopotamians invented irrigation. Greeks gave the world democracy. Architects, of no particular origin, gave all of these brilliant people a place to live. While the other contributions are important, shelter arguably trumps them all because, depending upon climate, without shelter everybody would die. The need for buildings evolved out of a need for survival; humans were not made to consistently survive outdoors. As society grew and became more formal in nature, buildings, and the craft to create them, became more of an art form. This is how we came to know architecture. What was once strictly a means of survival became a way to show wealth, or power. Greek leaders and Egyptian kings charged architects with designing lavish palaces, pyramids, and even statues in order to show their importance. Designing a pyramid for an Egyptian king, thought to be a god, does not sound boring.
If asked, most would say that they possess the abilities to design a simple house, or town hall. With a ruler and a pencil it would be possible for anybody to draw a rectangle or a square, divide it into rooms, and call it a shelter. According to Roger K. Lewis, author of “Architect?: A Candid Guide to the Profession”, “Architecture is not as simple as having a ruler or a pencil; many individuals who aspire to be architects begin preparation as soon as high school with drafting classes (56).” Students learn everything from the scale of cities to the scale of all sizes of furniture in relation to different sizes of buildings. They also begin to learn the basics of drafting building designs. Throughout college, students are also expected to take a full course load, as they would with any other profession. Classes teach students how to implement critical thinking, logistics, and combine it with creativity (59). Students will also learn how to let the building site...

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