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There are many colleges in the United States but not all of them have good programs in architecture. The colleges that I plan on going to would be Northeastern University, Academy of Art University, and Georgia Tech. I have used many different places to get my information on architecture and these colleges such as books over architecture, the schools main pages, InfOhio, Ebsco database, and many other sources. Architecture has always been an interest of mine, when I was younger I would always draw up little blueprints for the house I wanted to live in and I don’t know what exactly got me into it but I want to do something that I will enjoy doing in the future, and architecture was a good choice. I think that the colleges I have found information on have many different things that would be great for someone looking to be an architect. My goal is to inform anyone who is looking to become and architect about architecture and the different things these schools offer to them. In the next couple of paragraphs I will explain why these colleges I chose would be a great choice for the people I mentioned above.
My paper is divided into five main sections, the first three being over the different colleges that I have chosen for this paper. The next two sections will be over some m information on architecture and other aspects of the career. The first three chapters will explain what the schools offer, the price to be admitted to the school, the number of students, and the scholarships the schools offer to in state and out of state students. The second section will explain things like how much you would make if you didn’t have any experience in the workforce, what your average salary would be after the first five years.
First off is Northeastern University (NEU) the top school on my list. I will be explaining the many different classes and the prices to get into NEU in this paragraph. The Tuition for NEU is in the range of $20,000-$27,000 this amount will vary depending on if you live in state or out of state. The total amount of students enrolled at NEU in 2012 was 21257 students. The school itself is located in Boston, Massachusetts the exact address is 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115. The school itself is around a medium sized school which doesn’t have very long commutes between classes so the students won’t be late to class all the time. The deadline for enrollment at NEU is early fall and early spring depending on when you want to take your classes. The major offered here for an architect would be a major in architecture and design. Northeastern has a co-op program which is a very good thing for an architect because it will give you the experience required to start working as an architect and skip the intern step in between.
The Scholarships offered at NEU are, the normal scholarships that all applicants are open to but you must sign up for fall classes and this scholarship is a competitive scholarship which undergraduate applicants will...

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