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Architecture, Building And Construction Essay

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The things I learned about architecture are that if you want to practice architecture you must have experience with building structures. If you want to build a structure you must start building small structures so that they could see you have experience. When you become an architect you are full protected by the government. So when something goes wrong you are not accused. So you don't get your architect license taken away. When you are an architect you must build a model of the structure. The model must look alike as the real structure. When you want to build a structure you must first draw it out. Then you build the model. After that you get paid to build it. That is what I learned about ...view middle of the document...

Some of the history of architecture is that throughout ancient times and medieval history most of the architectural design and construction was carried out by the artisans. Stone and carpenter are rising to the role of a master builder. In modem times they were distinction between architect and engineer. In Europe they thought architect and engineer was the same person. Many people suggested that the developments in technology and mathematics allowed for the developments of the professional architect. Paper was not invented in Europe for the drawings until the 1400s. The pencil was often used for drawing in the 1600s. In the 1700s buildings continued to be designed and set-out by crafts man with the exception of high status projects.
What are the important things that profession architectural does? The use the technical knowledge, management, and they understand of business areas important as a design. The architect accepts the comics, on from a client. Commission may involve preparing feasibility reports. Architects participate in the...

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