Architecture History/Theory 2 Summer 2017 Writing Exercise 2

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1. The Bauhaus Manifesto
The Bauhaus was innovative in many areas, trying to build relationships between industry and the arts, and aiming at improving social conditions for housing and access to high quality products.
a. Explain how the Bauhaus manifesto suggests changing relationships between craftsmanship and mass/industrialized production. (5 points)

In the early 1900s, with the world changing fast. Many industry was created, and it pushed the society to move along even faster. Bauhaus explained how he thought art and architecture have been separated by all the industry that was going on. More and more people used arts for other purposes others then architecture. So which led to the Bauhaus manifestos to suggest that art and architecture should become a whole. “Architects, painters and sculptors must learn a new way of seeing and understanding the composite character of the building, both as a totality and in terms of its parts”. He wanted to achieve this by explaining that craftsmanship and man/industrialized production should not be viewed as one. “The art schools of old were incapable of producing this unity—and how could they, for art may not be taught. They must return to the workshop”. From my understanding, Bauhaus is trying to create architects that has craftsman skills in them. He thinks that for architecture could be improved when the architects has the understanding of the other different fields, the quality of architecture would be raised overall this way. The building are the final goal but the process should be a combination of all things, art technology and crafts.

b.Outline how the new approach translates into architecture using the example of the Bauhaus Building in Dessau: What is the kit of parts? How does it reflect the Bauhaus principles? (5 points)

First of all, when you look at the Bauhaus Building in Dessau, you can realize that this architecture is a piece of well thought art. From the glass faced to its structure, when you understand how it’s designed and executed, the principles of Bauhaus would...

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