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1. Bouffrand: Salon de la Princess, hotel de Soubise, Paris, France, begun 1730's Salon de la Princess, is a many sided cylindrical interior room and is part of the Rococo style that incorporates minimal architectural features and light airy decor, that develops into a profession of interior design. Rococo is the revolt against complicated Baroque that decorated the interior of Versailles, in revolt against the palace and after the death of Louis XIV, French women who had city houses in Paris inspired a new lightened airy style of decor and architecture. As seen in the Salon de la Princess, the structure of the room has virtually been covered up by white walls of wood and mirrors, and it only contains hints of the classical orders and conventions, while conveying the modern concept of space free of major structural forms. The predominate feature in the room is the gold plaster decorations that adorn the entire space and within this is seen the main curving arabesque line that flows throughout the style and characterizes it as a free flowing form of design, and makes classical references to the fantasy decorations used by the mannerist and found in the Roman villas, complete with cupids, garlands, and birds. Salon de la Princesse is the last major style before neoclassicism, but the free form of the style is a predominate feature in modern organic architecture, and redevelops in the late nineteenth century through the style of Art Nouveau, which is used by Victor Horta, in the Tassel House.2.Hoare et al.: Stourhead, Wiltshire, England, redesign begun 1750s The "English" garden is one of the greatest gifts that English designers have contributed to the world of architecture, and the gardens that surround the Stourhead estate in Wiltshire England are massed with many forms of natural origin, and as containers of natural descent they incorporate curving elements, as in the cylinder, cone and sphere, however among the natural creations are manmade structures that contradict natures' verdant burgeoning display of the curve, with structures that include the cube, or squared forms that makes for a cornucopia of forms both natural and manmade. The inspiration behind the English garden lay in the Neoclassical movement against the structural formality of the Renaissance garden landscape, and in England where reformers believed since its people had liberty, England had the best state of being, and men as in Lord Burlington who wanted to reform all the arts, succeed in bringing liberty to the English landscape as executed at Chiswick House(1724-29), and he inspired other designers as Hoare who at Stourhead, incorporated the romantic idea of the picturesque to form a garden as if nature herself had created it. However, with the inspiration of the French landscape painter Claude, the landscape at this Palladian estate is completely manmade, with hills, lakes, trees, meant to look as nature had created it, and as in Claude's' landscapes it can be...

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