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Have you ever thought about the relationship between technology and architecture? Architecture is a process and designing like buildings and other physical structures. Architecture is the most comprehensive profession in the world. Architect can make a lot of structure. For example; religious buildings , palaces, stadium, coliseum even landscape. Architectural structures should have three features. First feature, structures should be useful for all people. Another thing, structures should transfer different thinking. The most important feature, structures should stand robust. Nowadays, All the world is living transformation like industrial revolution with technology. Architecture is affecting by technological, economic, political, social and cultural changes. Technology is affecting deeply daily life. Technology revolution started with computer and microelectronics. After, transfer of the design to the computer. Architecture won new dimension. In addition, Architectural trends grew with electronics and computer technology .In order to shape the future of architecture, Technology is an active element. Dreams came actual with technological transporter system, material, hardware and installation in architectural. Architectural is affecting from technology because of three main results; ecology, construction materials and computer.
One of the effects of the technology architectural is ecology. 20 In the last quarter century, Consumption rate and contaminated energy source increased. In the 1970s, sustainable, green and ecological architecture emerged. Some words became part of the architecture. For example: energy-saving, accumulation of waste, recycling, sustainability , solar architecture, natural materials and economic costs. Thus, smart homes gained importance in all the word. There are a lot of advantages for environment in smart homes. First of all, energy conservation was achieved in heating and cooling. Ambient temperature is setting automatically with technological systems. Another advantages, designers used renewable resources in smart homes. Smart homes produced own energy. The most important advantage is security, ventilation, climate (HVAC) and lighting with new technological systems. According to the latest statictis of WLO, only twenty-one fire occured last twelve
years smart homes in turkey. Each people can see all these and more in Conde Nast.48-storey office building designed by Fox & Fowle architects.

Low-E glasses was used in structure. Thus, heat gain was achieved with the correct thermal bridges. In addition, alternative sources of energy were used such as fuel batteries, solar batteries and natural gas. Consequently, CFC and HCFC gasses did not harm the ozone layer. Non-toxic materials are used in structure. On the other...


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