Archİtecture & Technology Essay

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How is the connection between architecture and technology? Technology has affected social life and human’s requirement positively. Technology is the making, machines techniques communication ,different methods ,information about in all subjects. Moreover, these technologies have become so complex that entire fields have been created to support them, including engineering, medicine, and computer science, and other fields have been made more complex, such as construction, transportation and architecture.(‘’ ) Architecture and technology live in someone’s pockets. .Technology directly affected architecture’s creation which are computer’s effects, construction material’s effects, architecture education effects.
Computer technology is evolving faster than ever before and demand for computer professional with the right qualifications is growing.(‘’) Computer technology associated with architecture. When computers aren’t in our life ,architecture aren’t in our life as well. The purpose of designing a computer is to maximize performance while keeping power consumption in check cost low relative to amount of expected performance and is also very reliable. (‘’) .Computer organization helps to optimize performance and basic product. Also , ıt helps to provide professional plan .In addition to this computers organization approach real image and prove virtual tour. For instance; architectural drawing programs provides that technical drawing, saves time .Also; we can correct design mistakes. For instance; CAD drawing program was discovered by the 1980 and than was used in the world. So ,solved a lot problems which are air conditioning problem ,construction problem.
Other improvement in architecture and technology are construction materials. Day by day, architecture has been progressed in many areas because of the development of technology. Nowadays materials which are natural solid, aesthetic and useful take place of architecture. Glass is brittle material and is used as illumination and façade elements. Midlands glass museum was built by...


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