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January 22, 2014 an Admission, Dismissal, and Review was held for a fourth grade student. In attendance were the student's mother, Rozee Hernandez, social worker and translator, Kathy Keeney-Wright, speech pathologist, Cindy Lanham, assistant principal, Lisa Oliver, special education teacher, Laura Rockholt, diagnostician, Ashley Ferguson, reading and writing general education teacher, and Charlotte Poteet, math and science general education teacher. The meeting lasted for an hour and 30 minutes. The norms for this meeting were slightly different as the mother didn't speak English; therefore, Rozee Hernandez translated all dialogue and paperwork. It was imperative that no one spoke so that translation would proceed at an efficient pace and the mother would not become overwhelmed. The mother in this instance had very little education and was intimidated by the process. So all participants kept comments to a minimum and spoke positively about her daughter while relaying information that would be beneficial to the student. The climate was positive but hesitant. Participants were made aware of the language barrier and educational obstacles of the mother before entering the meeting. Cindy Lanham and Lisa Oliver did a fantastic job of being encouraging while relaying useful information to the mother regarding her daughter's academics and speech hurdles. Mom became embarrassed by her daughter's behavior and started laughing and then she cried. Through translation she let us know that she cannot communicate with her daughter as the mother only speaks Spanish and the daughter only speaks English. Due to this information mom was enrolled in English classes that are held at Forest Hill Elementary every Monday evening. The results of the meeting were that the student would start speech therapy because of a hearing and language struggle twice a week for 45 minutes. Her class work will be read to her and small group administration as well as a pull-out program would benefit her. The student's hearing concern is causing a focus problem in all of her classes and she tends to shut down if she can't hear. Lisa Oliver will take her for after school tutorials in reading to help improve her first grade reading level. Charlotte Poteet will take her for after school tutorials for math...

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