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Thesis: Are athletes genetically gifted? As we all known success is not given, it is taken. In this paper I will identify the four most important qualities that distinguish “superstar” athletes from the crowd. For a successful athlete to achieve stardom it takes a positive attitude, commitment, concentration and motivation. These are the keys to achieving excellence.
Athletics has a history of importance in our society today. Across the country, newspapers have devoted entire sections and televisions have created entire channels dedicated to covering the latest updates on sports. Attention has not always been solely about games and competitions; the spotlight has recently been redirected to achievement. This is quite a change since 1983, when sports fan was always celebrating a team of sports players. Today each player has his or her fans that they support, celebrate, cheer and even imitate. There has been a significant shift. Sports fan seems to be attracted more to individual achievement as oppose to corporate achievement. Why are some athlete singled out most times from the rest. Are they doing far more than the others? What makes them successful? These and other considerations will be explored in this expository work.
Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Frazer, Serena Williams, Tiger woods and Michael Phelps are just a few who have reached the pinnacle of success. In addition to that they also have something’s in common. What these athletes have in common is that their sport is important to them and they’re committed to being the best that they can be within the scope of their limitations. They set high, realistic goals for themselves and train and play hard. They are successful because they are pursuing their goals and enjoying their sport. Their sport participation enriches their lives and they believe that what they get back is worth what they put into their sport.
Are athlete born or built? No! Success is not genetic; success is having a positive attitude to whatever you do. Attitude therefore is a choice. One just has to choose wisely. One of our most important choices is the choice of our attitude. Do you realize that you, and only you, choose your attitude? In like manner, successful athletes choose an attitude that is predominately positive. The well rounded sportsperson view his or her sport as an opportunity to compete against him or herself and learn from their successes and failures. They pursue excellence, not perfection, and realize that they, as well as their coaches, teammates, officials, and others are not perfect; they maintain balance and perspective between their sport and the rest of their lives and they respect their sport, other participants, coaches, officials, and themselves. Our attitude is either our greatest asset or one of our greatest stumbling blocks. It’s completely our choice and it’s a choice we need to make every single day.
Another quality of an efficacious player is commitment. According to the oxford dictionary,...

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