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Today, all over the world, we as a whole are constantly polluting our environment. Every time someone takes a short trip up to the grocery store or just to go over to someone else's home, you are polluting the environment that we live in. This is and has been a worldwide problem ever since the car was invented but, now is the time that everyone needs to take action and eventually correct this problem. People around the world need to realize how much pollution the car the they drive is putting into our atmosphere. Thankfully, scientists are engineering parts to create these vehicles of the future that will leave the air more clean than the predecessor. The types of fuel this engine will eventually use as a source of energy is hydrogen. Before this is put into practice we currently have an alternative that is out on the market and that alternative is a hybrid vehicle. Based off already existing vehicles, the engines put into these very gas efficient engines really more on electricity than the vehicles that they are based upon. This is a good alternative for the time being, that is until the possibility to use hydrogen as a fuel is made a reality. Vehicles are not the only things that contribute to the pollution around the world however; this is a problem that will open up the doors needed to change the pollution that is created by a heater used in buildings to no pollution from hydrogen. The following pages will examine the different types of fueling sources that will make cars run but at the same time will reduce the pollution that vehicles produce. First, they will examine hydrogen as a fuel and discuss how this fuel will become the one fuel of the future. Then, they will examine hybrids and how these are a temporary way to fix our problem with pollution. Finally, they will show the differences between both of the fuels showing which would be the best alternative. Alternative fueled vehicles are the vehicles of the future by helping to reduce the pollution rate. Right now the pollution around the world is at an all time high and the only way to resolve this problem is to start using Alternatively fueled vehicles. Globally, the emissions that vehicles and the heating of buildings produce contributes to over half of the greenhouse gas emissions. One fuel that could reduce all of these gases is hydrogen. Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, sulfur oxides, volatile hydrocarbons, and particulates or greenhouse gases, are all produced by the burning ofpetroleum were as hydrogen has near zero of these emissions (Ogden 69-75). " A future energy system based on electricity and hydrogen - a so-called hydrogen economy - has long been proposed as an ideal long term solution to energy related environmental and supply problems "(Ogden 69-75). This hydrogen economy will change the world by having a much cleaner air to breath while allowing for much more fuel efficient vehicles. The technologies that are needed to use hydrogen as a fuel...

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