Are Bachelor's Degree Necessary For Nursing Professionals?

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Are bachelor's degrees necessary for nursing professionals? In the past decades, countries around the world have been facing an acute shortage of nurses. According to Hudspeth (2013), there will still be lacks in global nurse manpower in the next seven years to come. The serious shortage of nurses has lead to educational institutions from Britain, Australia, USA, South Africa, Taiwan and Canada (Cameron; Roxburgh; Taylor; Lauder, 2011) to offer places on nursing programmes to students with non-traditional entry qualifications, which enables students who otherwise would not be able to gain entry to qualified nursing programmes, way to professional nursing registration. Au (2009) pointed out that the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong has requested hospitals to reopen higher diploma courses for nurses at the year 2008, in the addition to existing university degree programmes and training courses offered by several major hospitals, to cope with the predicted rapid increase of demand of nurses. Yet the diversity of educational preparations for those graduated nurses brings concerns on whether the registered nurses (RN) graduates with a baccalaureate degree receive similar levels of treatment with those who are less educated. This essay critically examines the necessity of a bachelor's degree for nursing professiornals in terms of salary level, job opportunities, patient care quality they can provide and their level of job satisfaction. This essay asserts that a bachelor's degree shows positive effects on a majority of elements among the assessed criteria, thus is partially necessary for nursing professionals.In the registrations for nurses in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain, a baccalaureate degree is a compulsory qualification for entry (Gillett, 2012).The reason for the appearance of this entry qualification requirement is that there is a change in the nursing job market due to the advancement of technology, thus more highly skilled nursing care is required, as implied by the American Association of Collages of Nursing. In 2008, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) suggested that nurses should achieve better education level for the practical usage of new technologies and the renewal of medical improvement knowledge.A Bachelor's degree (BSN) is not only an entry-level degree for Master of nursing practice (MSN) or Doctor of nursing practice (DNP) programs, but a general requirement for promotion in many different faculties in hospitals and organizations which provide healthcare services across the globe. In report of research conducted by Bacon in 2012, statistics shows that the higher the position of nurses, the more they are educated. Among the interviewed staff nurses (n= 1001), over 40 percents of them do not have a bachelor's degree in nursing, and only four percents of them owns a master degree in nursing. As for nurse manager (n=611), only around 30 percents of them owns a diploma or associate degree as their...

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