Are Body Cameras A Viable Solution To Police Deviance University Of Windsor Essay

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Are Police Body-Worn Cameras a Viable Solution to Police Deviancy?
Taylor Broad
University of Windsor
One of the most controversial topics in our society today are police worn body cameras. Many people argue that body-worn cameras invade police and citizens right to privacy, whereas others argue it is a viable solution to eliminate police deviance. The shooting of an innocent citizen by a police officer in the United States was caught on a body-worn camera that was able to point out the officer in the wrong. The camera was used as evidence to control police deviance and to prosecute the officer that chose to shoot and kill the teen without probable cause (Wiley, 2017). This essay will work towards answering the question are police body-worn cameras a viable solution to decrease police deviancy? Through much research it was established that body-worn cameras are viable solution only if they are deployed within a strict framework to ensure the protection of the public (Stanley, 2013). Body-worn cameras are a viable solution as they do not affect officers, instead they control officers use of force, allows for a wide range of innovative uses, and provides accurate evidence towards the truth of police misconduct.
Through the ever growing technological era that society is in police worn body cameras have continued to become an idea to control police deviancy and accountability. In recent years there have been many studies done on body cameras to determine if they negatively affect police officers or citizens. In Grossmith et al (2015) they concluded that throughout their study there were no reported differences in officer’s behaviour when they conducted a routine stop. Wearing a body camera has no effect on the officer, and the way they perform their duties is the same, which many argued it effects the way officers perform their duties. One of the most controversial parts of body-worn cameras are the violation of privacy for police and citizens. However, with extensive guidelines and a review process of video footage that can only be used as evidence in court there is no violation of privacy. The video footage would be held confidential unless used as evidence in the court (Stanley, 2013). In Simons (2016) article she noted from an officer that if what he is doing is right, and following the rules and regulations then he does not have a problem with being recorded, and stated that the officers that do not want to be recorded are on shaky ground and are more likely to participate in deviant activity. Officers should not have a problem with wearing a body camera as they should not have anything to hide. They are always expected to follow the rules and regulations of each police force when conducting searches and stops. In fact, it was established that police using a body-worn camera reported that there is no difference in self-reported behaviour relating to how they conduct a...

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