Are Boyfriends Overrated? A Little Girl Daydreams About Her Wedding,

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Are Boyfriends Overrated? A little girl daydreams about her wedding, the colors it's going to contain, who's going to attend, her white gown, and every little detail her mind can possibly imagine but, most important, her groom. So, from the start, she's on the hunt for that future groom who will start out as her BOYFRIEND! She looks high and low for someone handsome, smart, funny, trustworthy, and someone who will care for her no matter what, someone her friends and family will adore, not to mention one she can brag about to those she doesn't like. But what does that woman really find? A boyfriend who is good looking enough (but he is so nice!!), smart enough, one who thinks he's funny, one who no matter how hard he tries she will still never truly trust him, and one who she will have to stick up for with her friends and family ("No, I know him, he didn't mean that.") But, in the end, one who she will still brag about to those of whom she doesn't like because some might say having a boyfriend gives a woman a certain "air" about her.In high school there was this woman in my class who no one really paid attention to until she, who was a freshman, got a senior boyfriend. It was then that other people saw her as "cooler" and more acceptable to talk to. Then, one day, as I was walking to my locker, I saw him hit her so hard she flew across the hall only for him to spit on her as she laid there, crying. I believe it was at that moment she realized having a boyfriend can be overrated and, at times, not worth it. Even though her new found popularity might be at risk, she never went back to him. But, that was an extreme case, boyfriends can be great. It's what a lot of women want. It's what a lot almost strive for in high school. I'm not saying women shouldn't have boyfriends, just simply women's expectations of having one are too high. Many women are constantly wanting a boyfriend, someone to spend time with, someone to be there for them, someone to take them out, romance them, and "please" them. All these things are great to have, but does a woman need a boyfriend to have them? Does the relationship really work out how she wants it to? Is having a boyfriend even worth all the trouble that comes along with having one? And isn't there plenty of things that are overlooked about being single when a woman is young? Some women feel it necessary to have a boyfriend in order to fulfill some basic human needs such as wanting someone to spend time with them and not be lonely. This is understandable, but a woman doesn't have to have a boyfriend to fulfill this need. Spending time with friends can be just as fun, if not more so, at times in certain situations, such as going to the beach. When a woman is at the beach with her friends, she's able to engage in girl talk and check out other men that many women can't do if their boyfriends are at their side. Or it's better to be with friends when a woman goes shopping. When a woman shops with her boyfriend, many times...

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