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Are Cell Phones Causing More Or Less Damage

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Are Phones Causing More Or Less Damage

"People are spending an exceeding amount of time on their cell phones with an average of 130 minutes per day. "("Cyber Bullying Statistics."). About 87 percent of Americans can say that they own a cell phone. The new average age for a person to get a cell phone is now at the age of 13 . With this number decreasing and younger children getting phones this means more problems.

"Over 80 percent of teens use a cell phone regularly ,making it the most popular form of technology and a common medium for cyber bullying."("Cyber Bullying Statistics."). Cyber bullying has become a massive problem in today's society. People may ...view middle of the document...

That night Megan had , had enough. She committed suicide 20 minutes after leaving her computer ,by hanging herself in her closet.
Cyber bulling is a problem that we need to face. Cell phones obviously played a large role in the death of Megan Meir. All in all cell phones play a large role in cyber bullying.

"Texting while driving results in longer response times than even drunken driving. While an unimpaired driver can respond quickly to changes in traffic and begin braking within half a second, a legally drunk driver needs four additional feet to begin braking—and a driver who's texting needs 70." (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute). Texting and driving has become a large issue within teens and adults. Plenty of people have admitted to either texting while driving or talking on the phone while driving. In 2011 ,23 percent of car accidents had to do with a cellphone (1.3 million accidents). For example ,Enzo Williams a 6 month old baby was sitting in the back ,in his car seat while his family member was waiting to turn left on a red light when all of a sudden their car was hit by a driver who was texting and driving. Baby Enzo died that day. Another example is of Taylor Suer who was driving from her university in Utah to her parents who live in Idaho four hours away. While driving she was texting a friend off Facebook about a football team. Her last text was ,"I can't discuss this now. Driving and face booking is not safe! Haha." Ninety seconds later Taylor (driving 80 mph) crashed into a semi (driving 15 mph) instantly dying.

Cell phones are now so distracting that people are getting in car accidents ,dying just for a text or phone call. New laws are being passed against texting and driving /calling and driving. Would you risk you life over a text that can wait ten minutes? People put other citizens in Danger with the risk of texting and driving.

Has there ever been that moment where you need to get ahold of someone, but...

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