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Are Children's Pageants Acceptable? Essay

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Is it okay? Is it wrong? What if children enjoy it? These are the many questions asked about children's pageants these days. In my opinion it would be completely acceptable for a child to participate in a beauty contest as long they are enjoying themselves, this sadly is no longer the case for most children. It's wrong for a child to be forced into such a competitive field if they do not want to be in that position, it's wrong if they are forced to do things which make them feel uncomfortable, it's wrong for them to feel physical pain, it's wrong for them to presented as an adult when they are a child. Every child has their right to live a childhood in the most joyful, careless, stress-free ...view middle of the document...

Children are seen performing on a stage, from age's 3-12 years old. During their performance's they have to wear an outfit in which "helps" or "improves" their appearance. These costumes that are being put on these children aren't just your usual long covered up dresses or outfits to some they are seen as offensive. The girls don't even have the will power to say no, as they're children, children follow and believe their parents, even when you were little surely you can remember thinking your parents were always right, they were your only role models.

""schoolgirls as young as 8 [who] wear padded bras, high heels, or make-up, and strike suggestive poses." Really, what is this telling our children about how they present themselves to society?" - Henry Samuel, Britain's Telegraph.

This quote from Henry himself show's in which he extent that some parent's will go through to make sure their own child come's out on top. All of the above things should be done while in their teenage/adult year not during their childhood. Pageants like this take young children and try to make them into young woman by the look's of things, a child should be care and worry fee but any child in such a competitive market will be brought up to have such a focus on beauty, fake beauty at that. Not what really matters, being smart, living live, having different experiences and learning new and exciting things, this will all be taken away from them.

Not only will beauty pageants capture childhoods, it can also cause mental problems to the girl who participate. The American Psychological Association have discovered that it can lead to things such as a low self-esteem, which means that the girl may not be confident in themselves, their looks or their ability's, constantly looking for approval in everything they do. Depression, which are prolonged severe feeling of lose of courage and hope within their own life's. Eating disorders from bulimia to anorexia, which will cause possibly more mental issues, this mean that they are constantly worrying about their weight...

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