Are Community Curfews Really Solving Issues?

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As we all know, the teenagers of this generation are the adults of the next. All of their

actions, how they are raised, and their mindsets will determine whether we have a positive or

negative affect on the world. Many communities have agreed that enforcing community curfews

is a good idea on many terms. Where a number of others can see the reasoning behind this,

they can also see the flaws. Creating a community curfew for teens can negatively impact them

because there becomes a blockade in their maturing process; it molds an overall assumption

about gang violence and will not make a change in the long run.

One could easily see how a community curfew can and will hurt the maturing of a teenager.

“One thing that those enforcing this law need to remember is what it was like to be a teenager.”

(Asselin 1) It is better for teens to learn from personal experiences, rather than those that they’ve

been told about. That way, they can say that they have done it and suffered the consequences.

Kass from the Parent Blog commented that, “Most kids are going out without permission

anyway; so a curfew isn’t throwing up a brick wall even if they can get arrested.” In various

communities, curfews are taken very seriously, and teens have been arrested due to the lack

of cooperation. However, creating a curfew will not put a stop to the issue. For those whose

parents don’t necessarily mind how long their child is out at night, a curfew will not prevent

them from doing what they want to do. Enforcing a curfew would be a waste of time for the

adults that have to follow the order out.

As stated previously, teenagers have a common rebellious attitude and going out at all

times of the night is nothing but the normal. “Even if there is a curfew, they’re going to sneak

around. Arresting them? That would be unjust, as well as the $300 fee that has been circulated.”

(Drzyzga 1) Fining or arresting a teen for staying out “after hours” is blowing the situation way

out of proportion. Not only that, but the parents need to be under control. If their own parents

aren’t restricting them, what would make you think they would listen to anyone else? The limit

of time spent outside the house should be left to the parent or guardian responsible for that

adolescent. To come to a conclusion, teenage curfew restrictions can considerably be left up to

the guardians responsible for housing them.

Though many people stereotype about gang violence, one could easily see the flaws and

assumptions after research. Based on survey results, the number one reason for community

curfews is the thought of unruly gang associations acting during the night. According to the

Parents Blog: April 15th

curfew isn’t an effective way of solving the issue.” It is often thought that violent acts from

teens all occur during the night, but that’s not true. With the way society is set up now, you

can find an elderly woman’s home being invaded in...

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