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Are Concentration Camps Over? Essay

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People have suffered from World War II (WWII) due to the Holocaust. Jews were mostly
affected by it due to Hitler trying to kill the entire race. In the end, the Jewish race lost population
because of concentration camps. In our modern day society, some people still think that concentration
camps disappeared after WWII, but little do they know people have been trapped in them once again in
North Korea. We, the people, can stop them by making these stories known and putting pressure on
governments around the world to do something.
People have been suffering in these camps for many years. No one officially knows why the North
Korean government does this to their own people, but there have been many theories. North Korean
citizen and some foreign visitors have been tortured, starved to death, and raped. If anyone escaped,
the damage caused will stick to them forever. This caused many problems for the North Koreans that
escaped to other countries. Their culture is different from what we are used to. For one, they don’t
seem to have much common sense and they follow a strict schedule because that was life in North
Korea. Everyone has a curfew and a limited amount of resources of what they can and cannot eat each
day. (Head par. 6).
Since technology has grown so much over the past years, there is proof of the camps existing
through satellite images and other technological monitoring.(Armstrong). Many people who have
escaped have told stories of what life was like in the camp. One man of Korean descent, named
Kenneth Bae, is an American Citizen detained while visiting North Korea in 2012. North Korea
arrested him for “crimes against the state”, They accused him of trying to bring down the North Korean
government by supposedly spreading Christianity and Biblical materials under the pretense of running a
tourist operation. Since North Korea is officially an atheist country, these activities are considered
serious crimes. Mr. Bae was tried and found guilty of hostile acts in 2013, and sentenced to 15 years in
a “labor camp”. It is believed he is actually imprisoned in a North Korean concentration camp. Even
though the North Korean government denies these camps exist, there is also evidence of them through
satellite images. Reporters say that he had to work hard all day because he only went to a labor camp.
Mr. Bae was told that he should be expecting a visit from Robert King, the U.S. special envoy for
North Korean human rights, but there was no plan for him to meet Bae. (Sciutto par 12 14).
North Korea sent their own people in the camps for doing nothing wrong. “A citizen was sent to a
camp for using government newspaper to mop up a spill” (Walters par. 1). In our society, people are
not punished for such a small and unimportant act. In North Korea, defectors regularly reported that
entire families are sent to the harshest concentration camps if just one family member violated even the
most insignificant of the many rules and laws in place to protect the...

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