Are Curfews A Good Idea For Teens?

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Nick Slater
Curfews and Teens
Do curfews really keep teens out of trouble? Most teens do not tell their parents where
they are going when they leave and most parents do not ask either. Then most teens have free
range once they start driving. Also, teens like to party like there is no tomorrow which most of
them lead to hardcore drug and alcohol abuse in their near and distant future. So curfews really
do not keep teens out of trouble no matter what parents may think.
First when teens go out most of the time parents do not know where they are going or
who they are hanging out with and some do not even care. A lot of the time they just hang out at
someone’s house and do whatever they want. Occasionally, it only goes as far as drinking
alcohol but most of the time it goes further than that. Most of the time when they hang out at
someone’s house one person suggests something and everyone does whatever that person
suggested. They can do anything ranging from just playing spin the bottle to trying drugs and
alcohol. Even though the teen is out doing these things, most of the time the teen still gets home
before their curfew expires so the parent or parents have no clue what their child is doing.
Secondly, when teens start to drive most of the time they do not have limits on where
they can go. They will go anywhere and everywhere they want to go. The risk of a teen being
killed doubles during the late teen years; with the drinking and driving and teens using drugs and
driving. Underage drinking is one of the leading causes of death in teens who drive. Driving
under the influence of drugs is another leading cause of death in teens. If they are hooked on
drugs, which by this time most teens that have tried drugs or are hooked on them, they will go
where they know they can get drugs. If they are addicted to alcohol, which, again, by this time if
they have tried alcohol they are...

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