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Are Gender Differences Still Prevalent In Today's Society?

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Are gender differences still prevalent in today's society?
Social roles, can be created from a culture and birth. Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” was a short story based on the social roles in the 19th century, the Based on the roles that the husband and wife played during that era. Women had no rights and some wanted freedom and a voice. Kate Chopin became that voice.
"Love and passion, marriage and independence, freedom and restraint - these are themes of her work distinctively realized in story after story."
Women in the 19th century, whom are considered adults, married by the age of twenty-one, they had fewer social choices ...view middle of the document...

htm), the cause and effect which several thoughts were personal problems and could only be resolved by social and political change. Social movements during the 60’s, Were the key to the change for women and part of the social change. Women were denied rights are weren’t given the respect that they earned form achievements. They weren’t given positions that were dominated by men, women were treated as second class citizens, and Social roles put women in the category of maids and caregivers. The American culture was ready for a change. More women were entering the workforce, searching for gender equality. One major change was in the bedroom. The federal government had finally approved a birth control pill. This helped give women an opportunity to accommodate choices, and freedom, for their personal lives. A few males and females didn’t agree with this action. Few wondered how women could be so selfish.
Women went through countless objections, they proved that it wasn’t personal but distinguish by power with political meaning. The women argued that assumptions were being made saying they were followers and needed men to lead them, women were the ones to take care of the children and men handled the business and talked about issues and solved them. This was simply not the truth and this way of thinking kept women from equality. And not allow them the freedom to choose for themselves what they could and should think and do. Women wanted a change.
Women pressed for the removal of the social gender roles and obstacles that had held back women's choices. Issues including reproductive rights, educational rights and career options, legal choices and personal relationships. Women wanted to achieve social justice, equality to expand, interpret, and exercise their potential as people. They fought to ensure that everyone, regardless of sex, would have personal freedom.

Advancement for women began to show progress in 1960 thru 1970 enormous change in behavior and choices opened up to women. Significant changes in attitudes of both men and women concerning women's competence and choices, equality between sexes was moving forward. Women believed that the social stereotype was changing and they would no longer be viewed as sex objects and they would be able to make a change in society.
Women began working full time jobs and still coming home to take care of the children and their husband, basically just adding more responsibility to their selves. Finally, increasing numbers of young women was living in poverty due to the fact that they, no longer had husbands or mates contributing to support them, creating a double burden of work and family care. The question came, did the women’s movement truly help anyone. This would require a social change
So where do we proceed from here? “Where personal issues of identity and self-esteem do not hinder the progress of individuals and groups' abilities to act politically; and where a unifying vision of fairness...

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