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Are High School Students Ready For College? English Essay

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Dear School,
As a student who graduated from here, I strongly suggest that educational system should alter guidelines. Most Taiwanese students have been suffering with Spoon-feeding education. They only need to know specific answers to directly questions. The knowledge they learn is all about how to pass College Entrance Examination In Subject Competence and get a high grade. However, this process is only a ticket for them to get into a college but not actually help them to convergence courses from high school to college. In addition, many students attended fee-charging after-school activities, like extra-curricular lessons and cram schools, because many parents believe these activities will help their children when it comes to university entry. The question is, are those high school students all prepare? In a highly competitive examination system and rising aspirations are often blamed, the answer probably is no.
Students study with a purpose, the purpose is a goal of enter a foresight of major which means “easy find a good income job”. This intent is not right, the educational perspective has been shaped by exams and numerical placements, from growing up in societies where standardized test results and the colleges that people place them in define their entire life. This spoon-feeding education does not have competitiveness for future, it only benefits for a short-term plan like apply for a better college.
In addition, high students apply colleges in normal circumstances, not because they dream it but they’re told by elders, parents, and teachers. Many teachers tell their student that nothing is more important than getting into an excellent university. Students shouldn’t have a relationship until they are a college student, romantic experience doesn’t help students to have a higher grade but might impact their emotion. Instead of spending time of dating with someone, most students are forced to go to cram school or tutoring which called Shadow education by Mark Bray.
Shadow education has existed for many decades in Asia. The idea of this system is help people who need to keep up with the flow of the courses, then they can easily understand any knowledge or review it.
However, shadow education is more about increasing competition and quality difference. Parents pay great money on securing their children’s education, for example, middle class family may afford tutoring, upper class family might send their children to study overseas. The problem is lower class family can’t...

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