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Are Immigrants Really Changing America’s Economy? Or Is America Becoming Too Racial? English 101 Essay

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English 101
Are immigrants really changing America’s economy? Or is America becoming too racial?
In 1942 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to fund Christopher Columbus’s voyage to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. It was at this time Columbus had discovered a new world. He discovered this land containing only settlements from Native American people, who were living off the land. America was introduced to the world, and when the announcement of this new land was proclaimed immigration was encouraged to help create settlements and build a life full of the mysterious riches this land held. Today in the twenty first century, do people still believe immigration is a good addition to the country? Many people in America believe that the more immigration we encounter and let in the country, the worse America’s economy gets. Is it true the economy is getting worse because of immigrants coming to America? Or have Americans become so racist and selfish they want to blame America’s problems on the immigrants? Although America has accepted immigration throughout the centuries, many American citizens are bashing immigration because of the economic issues in the United States; they do not like change and do not want to accept these foreigners, or aliens into “their” country, because of racism and selfishness.
In 1924, the American Border Patrol was established to keep immigrants from entering the United States. This border is a two-thousand mile long area that the government believes will keep immigration from Mexico and the rest of South of America from entering the United States. In the book The three U.S.- Mexican Border Wars: Drugs, Immigration and Homeland Security, author Tony Payan says “The first great nail on the coffin of the frontier border was the advent of the Mexican Revolution, which began on November 20, 1910. To prevent the turmoil from spilling into U.S. territory, the government established a series of forts along the border. During this time, the number of illegal crossers decreased considerably only to rise again after 1920, when the Mexican Revolution ended. The 1917 $8 head tax and the literacy tests were making it very hard for many Mexicans to migrate or even just to travel to the United States as easily as they had done for decades before. Many, however, had become eligible to move to the United States because of persecution during the Mexican revolution.” (Payan, 9) The government established a budget of one million dollars and staff of only 75 to control this two-thousand mile border in 1924 (Meier, Mexican Americans). But despite the large budget for this border, all through the 1920’s Mexicans continued to get into America. So the question many people may be asking is, was the one million dollars the government used to create this border a smart decision? The government uses thousands of dollars to keep the border patrol functioning every year, but there are still numerous illegal immigrants crossing the border and staying...

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