"Are Women As Effective Leaders As Men?"

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In a society, despite of its all development and tolerance, public opinion mostly has been formed by men, therefore the attitude to the women promptly rising on a career ladder and showing miracles of diligence and professional competence, always will be extraordinary starting from admiration up to indulgent skepticism. And it means that women still should prove both to the surrounding and to themselves that they can cope with work not worse and frequently even better than their men colleagues. Especially it is common in Kyrgyzstan.The statistics are not on the side of the weaker sex. Women leaders of large companies and women-politicians in the government or non-government structure make little number than men, which give the basis again to specify ladies, their place: if not in the kitchen, then on positions below men's. Laura Lopez, leadership specialist and author of "Connected and Committed Leader", suggests to ignore the question of who, men or women, is capable of performing more effectively this or that work as, from the scientific point of view, there are no rational reasons for such disputes in present.From the time when women began to storm actively the career ladder, scientists have become interested in the presence of the necessary qualities to hold a key post or to make the way upward for women. In general, those qualities would be called leadership abilities of women. Apparently, it is impossible to answer unequivocally whether women possess effective leadership traits.A research conducted by psychologist and IPR Faculty Fellow Alice Eagly says that men and women carrying same functions and responsibilities may perform same efficiency, but to realize that efficiency for others the matter would be how much the task in view "corresponds" to person's sex or gender. For example, women are considered to be much stronger and effective instructors, therefore they turn out to be better teachers and coaches.It seems men perform much more effective work in which the rigid control and command style of management is required. Women manage better to be "transformational leaders". They successfully stimulate and show support to their employees to be more creative and constantly learning. This approach in the modern organizations where the corporate hierarchy is expressed vaguely is actual and effective.However, not all the companies are similar. Team of work can have negative consequences in the organizations where authoritarian, or as I call it "cleanly man's style", management is required. Those organizations would flow into a category of military departments or sports sphere, a petroleum industry or IT. In such areas of women do not constitute a large number, and most of them are not aspired either. In the same way authoritarian or rigid style of management is unacceptable in such cleanly "female" sphere as educational, especially preschool. Tourism and the fashion industry also concern to branches where many women work. Eagley's reseach...

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