Are Laptops In The Classroom Beneficial Or Harmful?

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\Technology has increased over the past ten years. Laptops are being used more often in school. In some schools, instructors allow students to use laptops in the classroom for several reasons. There are instructors who do not allow laptops in their classroom because they believe that laptops create distractions by providing access to the internet browsers that do not relate to the class such as Facebook and twitter. So do laptops useful in the classrooms or do they harm students’ learning? Despite these conflicting ideas about the effects of using laptops in the classroom, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
There are studies that show that using laptops in the classroom benefits students’ learning. In a study titled “Let Them Use Laptops: Debunking the Assumptions Underlying the Debate over Laptops in the Classroom,” Kristen E Murray states that laptops should be welcome in classrooms because they provide substantial educational benefits to today’s law students (185). Murray also states that students who use laptops in the classroom can easily share notes with their classmates (190). Murray shows that students who use laptops in the classroom score higher on tests and quizzes than students who use notebooks (195). Students who use laptops during class are able to get all the information during lectures (197). Murray conducted surveys on how students used their laptops before, during and after class. These surveys show that laptops provide an opportunity to enhance learning (198).
Another study shows the important use of laptops in the classroom. One study conducted by the College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma examined student performance based on whether or not they completed assignments with or without laptops. The test evaluated homework, individual Readiness Assessment Tests (RAT), Group RAT, class participation, midterm, final, and final grade between students who had laptops and those who did not have laptops. Students with laptops scored higher in every category; this clearly seems to indicate that laptops can play an important role for a student to get higher scores. One can infer then that if we get to do all of our class related work with computers, whether it a quiz or a project. It makes the instructor’s job easier if we can show our understanding through our laptops while attending the class.
Instructors allow students to use computers in the classroom because they have immediate access to course-related information. Repetition creates monotony. For example, professors may put words on the board and students have no idea what they mean. The instructors can ask one of the students who has a laptop open to quickly research the word’s meaning. In that case, the class will have a discussion based on the information they have found online. This helps the students get full immediate understanding of the vocabulary and context.
There are some instructors who view laptops as useful tools in the classroom. Some...

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