Are Laws Essentil To Human Happiness?

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Laws are vital to human happiness because they are the guide of life, and knowing what you ought to do and what is expected of you. Laws can be the perfect escort to the world but they are times in which laws should be broken, and it becomes the person’s choice to know if they go with what the law is saying or not. That is why there is wonderful people who exceed human morals, they made the choice of following the laws or having their own voice against something they do not believe in. Laws are what helps order the world. Schumacher on Philosophical maps as well as Charles E. Rice and, 5o questions on Natural law are two philosophers who I will use to backup my point.
Laws are the guide of how society functions. They are the guide because laws tell people how they should behave. They are many types of laws to follow like stopping on a red light, and going when on the green light, crossing the street when the little man is on and waiting when the hand is up are ways in which order is kept on the street. In the religious perspective the Ten Commandments in Christianity and Judaism is a way in which they follow laws to go with what God’s will or the guide to a life with God. The world is full of laws and they are there to enforce a behavior or guide towards a wanted outcome.
Fallowing the laws leads to a good life because you are basically following the guide to society. Laws are what keeps the world ordered and make things run smoothly. Laws tell people what to do from the simplest task to things more complex. They are laws/polices everywhere; work, school, street, recreational places, store, etc. The laws are simply there and people need to adapt to them and ethically decide if it is something that they believe in doing or something that is not morally correct. Then if the said laws are not morally correct it is the person’s choice to go along with them or to not comply with the laws. At the end laws are overall good but sometimes there is a flaw in the system and it is up to the person to decide if they are going to raise to the occasion or led their beliefs be oppressed by something they know it is not right.
Laws make the world easier to follow because people know what to do and what is expected of them in certain situations, and it also makes punishment for those who break the law clear. People know what is consider to be wrong but sometimes it does not matter that we have laws because people go with their internal instinct and that could either be great for laws that are...

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