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Are Minority Set Aside Programs Morally Acceptable?

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Set-aside programs for minorities are a very useful tool in the business world. In my opinion, set-aside programs for minority's levels the playing field for those who need it most. While some Americans would agree and others disagree with this opinion and counter with the, we should all be treated as equal on the basis of our abilities and talents. It's hard to sell this story to the different disadvantaged groups who for years have been outside looking in on the same people trying to sell them this story. The principles of equality of opportunity aren't that old in the United States. The women's movement is only a few decades old, and the gay rights movement is still trying to get its foot in the door of equal rights.Since 1989, federal courts have issued decisions questioning the legality of local, state and federal procurement set-aside programs. In City of Richmond v. Croson, the Supreme Court ruled racially oriented policies could be maintained by states and localities only if there was concrete evidence of discrimination. In the 18 years since, federal courts, using Croson as a guideline, have struck down several state and local set-aside programs. In 1995, the Supreme Court applied that same reasoning to federal programs in Adarand v. Pena, which dealt with a set-aside contract from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The judgment stated that "all racial classifications" by government agencies are "inherently suspect and presumptively invalid." A federal district court in Colorado is still reconciling the facts in that case. Even today set-aside minority programs are being attacked and can only be used if racial injustices are proved to be fact.I will consider the utilitarian and deontological consideration for the use of minorities set-aside programs. To solve this problem would be tantamount to fixing society in itself. One could either agree or disagree with some or all points for the set-aside programs. One would think that a practical system could be set in place to solve this argument. Using the utilitarian solution we can look at the benefits for the under-privileged populace in some of the more deprived communities. If we help educate and fund some of the minorities in schools we can then benefit from the return dividends in the long run. If just a fraction of the minorities return to their communities with their new found professions and can set up small businesses with the expectations of the set-aside programs to off set the financial problems they face it would be a win, win situation for all. These people could then in turn help other under-privileged people get the jobs now created in their communities for furthering success to all who may need it. With the advancement of the others who choose to pursue different avenues instead of returning home this will in turn help diversity in the work place. We will have a mix of different cultures that will begin to see each other as equals, which will benefits both cultures and...

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