Are Video Games Harmful? Essay

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Are Video Games Harmful?

“The 2010 average gamer spends 8 hours a week playing video games” If you ask young people what is their opinions of video games, likely you will hear that they are fun and enjoyable. On the other hand, parents describe them as the polar opposite: violent, useless and costs lots of money. As technology advances and first generation gamers ( playing in the late 1970’s) begin to pass on their “gaming gene” to the second generation of gamers, are video games really harmful? This essay will explore both sides of the argument and reach a conclusion about how they affect people.

Any type of addiction is bad, having a video game addiction is no exception. Good games can lead to addiction as gamers will spend hours to try and complete the goal of the game. A study to addiction of video games conducted by Scientist Douglas A. Gentile researched 3,034 children and teenagers and the study revealed that the average time spent on playing video games was twenty hours a week which is nearly one full day of a week playing games. The research also found out that 72% of houses in america play video games, that means if you go into one hundred peoples houses in America you will find at least seventy of them that have a video gaming device. Out of the 3034 children and teenagers interviewed, about 273 (9%) of them showed some symptoms of game addiction. Having a game addiction will lead to mood changes as frequently feeling unhappy and moody when not playing video games. Addicted gamers may isolate themselves from their families which can cause serious changes in family relationship such as failing to communicate with each other.

Violence in video games lead to many parents being concerned about their children's behaviour and as a matter of fact it can play a part in aggressive and violent behaviour just as it does through other media such as television shows and movies. In a research study carried out in 2008 Grand theft Childhood found out that 60% of the people in secondary school who has played a mature rated game as assaulted another person compared to 39% of those who don’t play these game types. Playing violent video games will make people think they can cause pain by harming other people for their own enjoyment furthermore playing violent video games play a part in aggressive bullying behaviour.

physical problems caused by video gaming range from slight health problems such as eye strain to life threatening problems such as obesity. Playing video games excessively over a number of hours can cause RSI (repetitive strain injury) which will cause pain to muscles due to repeatedly hitting buttons on a controller or keyboard whereas constant staring at a screen while playing games causes eye strain along with back pain due to playing for long periods of time. There is a significant majority who would point out that many gamers do not get enough exercise therefore it is blamed for causing obesity. One of the main con’s on video...

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