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Are Nurses Able To Take A Patient History & Perform A Physical Assessment As Well As Or Better Than A Doctor

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Running Head: NURSES ABLE TO TAKE A PATIENT HISTORYNurses Able To Take A Patient History[The Writer's Name][The Name of the Institution]Are Nurses Able To Take A Patient History & Perform A Physical Assessment As well As or Better Than A DoctorContentsAbstractChapter 1 IntroductionBackgroundChapter 2 Selection & Identification of the EvidenceSearch StrategyRationale For Choice Of CriteriaRejection Evidence For Critical AppraisalChapter 3 Critical Appraisal Of Selected EvidenceIdentifies Relevant EvidenceRelated Question And Critically Appraises (3000 words approx)Chapter 4 Conclusion & ImplicationsPresented ArgumentCritical ReviewsChapter 5 Plan For ImplementationPlan For Implementation And DisseminationCritical Discussion Of Influencing Factors For The Culture Of The OrginisationLeadership StylesChange Management Strategies To Achieve The Plan.AbstractThe research's main aim is to analyze in depth the equal opportunities in the hospital sector, about physically ill individuals in the hospitals. The reason why the author decided to study this area is the immense effect that governments have on a large number of patients and individuals in society.To achieve the above mentioned aim that are nurses able to take a patient history & perform a physical assessment as well as or better than a doctor? the author has set out two objectives that need to be answered. The first objective that the author state is: To find out how individuals with disability difficulties are treated by the researchers (i.e.: the application of law on equal opportunities towards patients or individuals). The second objective that the author state is: To find out whether the selection & identification of the evidence provides specific and advanced programs of training for nurses to perform well and whether the doctors has any specific policy for disabled individuals during recruitment and selection.Chapter one welcomes the readers of this study with an introduction of the purpose of this study as well the objectives set for this study.In Chapter two the study continues with the literature review about the areas of this study (equal opportunities, selection, rights of identification, etc). Next, in Chapter three the study continues with the Research Methodology and critical appraisal of selected evidence. In Chapter four the study continues with the Findings - Conclusion & Implications. Finally, in Chapter five the author suggests his own personal Recommendations or plan for implementation to be made in the area of research.Chapter 1 IntroductionWoman is an natural nurse, trained by Mother Scenery. The nurse has forever been a requirement, thus needed social position. In prehistoric period she was a slave, and in the cultured era a domestic. Overlooked in the strategy of legislators, and beyond in the curriculum of pedagogues, she was left with no defense and remained without learning. She was not an artisan who might get the help of an...

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