Are Office Seeking And Policy Seeking Theories Of Coalition Formation At Odds With Each Other?

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2.Are office seeking and policy seeking theories of coalition formation at odds with each other?Coalition theory is one of the least studied but highly interesting areas of political science. Coalitions are very common in European politics, much more so than single-party majorities and therefore coalition bargaining is a very important topic to be discussed, even if it is just intra-party bargaining. Coalitions are often seen as unstable in government and it is true that they often do not last as long as single-majority government, but it is also true that some of the most successful governments since the war have been coalitions ie. in Germany, Switzerland and Luxemburg. I will discuss whether office seeking and policy seeking theories of coalition formation are at odds with each other throughout this essay. Theories of coalitions are based on the motivations of the relevant actors in the coalition process, these theories range from the "intrinsic" rewards going to these politicians who got into office, such as power and prestige, to politicians who's motivation is seen as a desire to affect policy. There are two main traditions in coalition studies, the European politics tradition and the Game theoretic tradition, which help us to understand politician's motivations. To answer the question of whether office seeking and policy seeking theories of coalition formation are at odds, we must examine the details of coalition bargaining and discover the true motivations of politicians.The European politics tradition is research done at cross-national level, which means that this tradition uses actual coalition examples. It is a bit limited due to research being post war only, however it has produced a large body of work. Game theoretic tradition is an American method that uses game theory to understand coalitions, it sees government as a "fixed prize" so parties win or lose in this situation. This idea helps us to understand coalitions, but we must remember game theorists are interested in game theory not government coalitions. Unfortunately these two traditions don't understand each other and therefore do not help each other. This leads us to the first question we must ask, whether political parties are unitary actors in the coalition process or not? Game theory treat political parties as unitary actors as an assumption and this receives large criticism from the European tradition. In practice we can treat political parties as unitary actors, assuming once a decision is made everyone in the party obeys it, which is not always the case. These decisions can often lead to splits in the party. It is clear that parties are not actually unitary actors, but the real question is do they act as unitary actors as far as the coalitional process is concerned? It is true that European parties are very disciplined, however it is also true that intra-party decision-making is a process riddled with conflict, so we can definitely say that intra-party politics does...

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