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Are Our Recycling Efforts Worth The Trouble?

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Rocio Arzate
Professor: Rachel Maverick
English 1302
April 2014

Are our Recycling Efforts Worth the Trouble?

Recycling has always been a matter of helping the environment to have a sustainable community, it is the number one action we can do for the environment, the economy and our future for this planet. In this essay I am going to write about why recycling is important. And why it is worth our efforts to have a sustainable environment for future generations. The benefits of recycling are many and those includes reducing the waste send to landfills, prevent pollution, and have economic benefits that create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries. Society should recycle in order to abstain and control global warming. With this in mind carbon dioxide is the main cause of this global warming. Humans recycle in order to reduce air pollution. Our environment is already contaminated and the last thing we need is to make it worse and contaminate it more (“How do we recycle plastic “Intelligent Mag). We all can start recycling in our homes to help our planet earth.

Basically people have an idea that recycling reduces waste that is sent to the recycling stations and incinerators, true… typically no one wants a landfill or incinerator built in our community (“Recycling Basics” Green House Recycling). For many of us, recycling has become a part of our daily lives. We know that recycling conserves space in our landfills. Materials that are eventually sent to landfills have negative environmental impacts. Once the material reach the landfill, the environmental impact increase as contaminants and greenhouse emissions which are caused from the breakdown of organic material that reach into the air, soil, and water tables. Therefore it is essential to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills. We all can start helping to reduce the materials by recycling properly. The solution is to refocus on market incentives rather than moral imperatives. The organizations with the cheapest means of enacting change, and who have the last best chance to reconsider packaging of all kinds, whether it’s liquid, food products, or microwaves, are the manufacturers and retail distributors of the products we buy ( Michael C. Munger-Cato unbound).

We all can start helping to reduce the materials by recycling properly. The types of materials that can be recycled are plastic, glass, metal, paper, and cardboard to name a few. Some tips while recycling at your own home are – there is no need to peel the labels from bottles or cans. Cartoons, bottles and caps of milk, juice, soda, shampoo and laundry soap are recyclable. I always recycle billing envelopes. Recycling in our house is petty easy because everybody in our household contributes to recycle every item that is going to the trash. As a result, I usually only throw away one can full of garbage, and that’s for a family of four. Keeping the paper out of landfills is just one way that recycling helps the...

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