"Are Our Rights To Think Being Endangered?" Inherit The Wind By Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee. Its A Thesis About Our Rights Of Being Free And Able To Believe In What We Please.

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Are Our Rights to Think Being Endangered?Today a lot of us do not like to accept new ideas and thoughts. People need to open their minds and accept other opinions. We commit hateful acts to try to get people to believe our opinions and agree with us. We need to understand that every single person in the world is different and nobody thinks alike. People have a right to think but are often penalized because of their thoughts, people need to realize this and maintain our freedom. We have the freedom to have beliefs about racism, religions, and the discrimination of different sexualities or appearances. These things get in the way and affect our daily and how we live.Racism is a major issue, probably one of the biggest issues of today. Billions of people are affected by it and many are forced to live under brutal conditions because of racism. Racism is in our community, our schools, workplace, and for the most part everywhere we go. These are the places we are supposed to feel safe, they are where we spend most our time. Families and friends can be ruined by racism. If there is a certain race or nationality a person does not like it may have been derived by one person of the hated race. The racist person believes all people of that race are the same and therefore need to be hated. This is a freedom of thought. Nazis were very brutal and thought that Jewish descendents were all bad and need to be exterminated. They got others to believe that Jews were to blame for all of Germany's problems. Because of their thoughts many were killed. Although they do have the right to think this way most believe that it is wrong. It hurts people because of mere opinions. The thoughts of people must be respected but other have the right to think against it.The thoughts of religious people are also to be respected. Everyone has a different perspective to life and creation. There are many different religions and thoughts about God and his existence. People always think that they are right and only their thoughts are correct. If a person strongly believes in a theory they do not want people to oppose them or prove them wrong. Many are sometimes even frightened to know what's really out there and the truths about the world. If a person has a strong belief in the way things should be they try to preach to others to get followers and spread the word and faith about an idea. The character, Rachel, from the novel Inherit the wind is a sweet traditional girl. Her Father preaches creationism at church while her boyfriend teaches Darwin's theory at school. Their ideas clash and cause her to open her mind to new things. Rachel was used to believing she was told. She was frightened to open her mind and think for herself. Therefore being a naïve and narrow minded person with no real beliefs or opinions of her own....

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