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Are People With Mental Illness Dangerous?

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We hear on the news about how a person has committed a homicide, or even a treacherous crime. The first thing that pops into one's head is something has to be wrong with that person, but really there isn't anything wrong with them at all. So, are mentally ill people also criminals? Studies suggest that there is no correlation between mental illness and crime.
Why do we as people tend to think that mentally disorder people are so dangerous? According to a recent survey that was conducted. About 60 percent of the people that was asked said that they believe that people with schizophrenia are dangerous. But are they really as dangerous as everyone puts them out to be? As stated in this ...view middle of the document...

This disorder is known as Major Depression. The same survey as was presented in the last paragraph also showed that 30 percent of the people believe that ones that suffer from Major Depression are fearful to be as violent. Major Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for weeks or longer. ” Major Depression is described as an illness that affects every aspect of a human being.” According to the article on ”” This is a serious problem that some people do deal with, but are they “Criminals”? As knowing a person with this type of disorder, what is seen does not play out as a “criminal” person. A person can come down with Depression depending on their environment, or it can even be passed down from a previous family member. So why do people think that ones suffering from Major Depression are harmful to others? Retaliation maybe. Many people have different opinions but most don’t understand that Depression is actually contagious. How you say? A woman by the name of Elizabeth Edwards wrote a book called ” Resilience,” in the book it states that one person’s behavior can rub off onto another person causing them to in change in some cases become depressed or become so worried for that person that they actually develop mental or emotional problems such stress or depression. Studies show that more people with normal thinking capabilities and thoughts are more prone to be active in a crime than a person with depression or other mental disabilities. Depression is not a mental issue that makes someone want to hurt someone or rob a store or really any crime because the characteristics of Depression is hiding from your peers holding back your problems not letting your internal problems...

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