Are Social Networking Sites Worth The Consequences?

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In the past two to three years, we have seen a rise in the use of social networking sites. Along with the rise in usage, we have also seen an increase in the number of rapes, kidnappings, and murders due to these popular social networking sites (i.e. MySpace and Facebook). Although this is a major problem that concerns all social networking site users, college students who use these sites in alarming numbers may have a bigger problem to deal with when it comes to the things they post on their site. One of the reasons that social networking sites have become popular is the fact that students are able to do a variety of things on one site while keeping in touch with friends. A student can log onto their MySpace or Facebook and write a blog about their life, check in with a friend through their page to see what has been going on with them, and post pictures of their wonderful college experiences. Since these sites are alarmingly popular amongst college students, college administrators are starting to take a closer look at them. Many universities have started to punish their students for the things they are posting on the internet. Employers are also utilizing social networking sites by using it as a screening method for applicants.College administrators across the nation attempt to regulate underage drinking to the best of their ability. This is often very difficult for them because campuses are so huge and students have so many creative ways to hide their drinking. Many of these underage college students post pictures of their drinking adventures on their social networking sites and college administrators have become aware of this. Some of these administrators have begun to regulate Facebook and other social networking websites on a regular basis in order to punish the underage drinkers. Brad Davis, an Emory University freshman, was forced to hang anti-drinking posters on his wall and received a citation on his record for underage drinking after he posted pictures of himself and his floor mates drinking in their dorm (Stone). Students at Northern Kentucky University were charged with code violations because they posted pictures of a party in a dorm, where a keg could be seen in the background (Bugeja). College administrators do hope to reduce underage drinking by punishing the students who post proof of their underage drinking adventures on their site, but more importantly they want their students to learn the consequences of the things they post on their social networking sites. NROTC commander Jeffery Morris randomly visits the social networking sites of his midshipmen every two months or so. He does not punish the midshipmen for the things they post but instead he calls them into his office and talks to them about the consequences of the things they are posting (Malone).The drunken pictures and blogs about weekend parties are now causing students to lose jobs that would help pay for college or even worse causing them to lose jobs that they paid...

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