Are Problems Associated With "Under Development"; Only Relevant To Poor Countries? Discuss, Drawing On Module Material, Wide Reading And If Applicable, Your Own Experience.

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Under development normally applies to countries and the societies within them. It is a reference to a lack of economic and industrial development within an area which as a result helps to hold back the area or society from developing. Under development takes place all over the world. It is just as prevalent in towns scattered across first world countries as it is in Africa and many other third world countries and developing countries. It can take on many different guises from industrial decline in an area, leading to unemployment, an economic depression and thus resulting in the degeneration of an area, examples of these sorts of areas, where once the staple industries were at their peak eighty plus years ago can be seen in England across Lancashire and Yorkshire where towns such as Halifax have been left to fall into a state of decline leading to an engulfing depression over the town which it has and is still struggling to lift. Of course the other type of under development is the one that takes place in many third world countries. The governments of third world nations struggle to invest in the grass roots of their societies, from healthcare and education to growth industries and the service sectors. These are simple infrastructures that need to be implemented if third world countries are to begin development and continue to develop themselves. Both of these will be looked at later on.There are many models of economic development. One of the most prevalent is The Rostow model. It is based on a study of fifteen countries, mainly from Europe. As ever with these economic development models it is easier to explain it using an extreme situation such as the British Industrial revolution. Before the revolution actually took hold of Britain, there were preconditions that had to take place first. Improvements to farming, such as crop rotation began to be adopted. This is an undervalued development in farming techniques as crop rotation actually makes the best of the land in the long term, by giving it time to recover from a crop harvest. Other key industrial developments also took place, the one of keynote being the arrival of the steam engine. These inventions and changes in attitudes provided the preconditions and grounds for "take-off" which happened around 1800. Such was the speed of industrial growth, aided by the continued inventions for new machinery and transport that by sometime around 1850 half of the workforce was employed within one industry, that of manufacturing. The next stage of Rostow's model saw the United Kingdom reach world industrial dominance by 1900, which when thought about was and still is quite remarkable when one considered the relative size and wealth (in minerals mineral) of Britain. The final stage of Rostow's model sees the continued growth of the manufacturing industry diversify to meat the demands of a newly created consumer demand, encouraged by the growth in wealth. This also stimulates more growth of services and...

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