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“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This famous quote was spoken by a man even more famous for his scientific works in the fields of physics and mathematics. Albert Einstein, famous scientist, is found here stating that without religion science is, essentially, useless. Surely it is impossible for a man so accomplished in the scientific field to seriously consider the possibility of God? Certainly, we live in a time where there has been much condemnation and ridicule of the idea of faith by scientists such as Dawkins and Atkins, but does that mean that these two world views are incompatible? Although I really respect the work of both of those great ...view middle of the document...

A similar outcome applies to reverse situation. If the Big Bang were to explore the tiniest fraction less force than it did, than the universe would have collapsed in on itself under its own gravity. There are many other instances present throughout the universe which would seem indicative of creator who had a purpose and design for all things. For example: if there was more oxygen in the air all things would be combustible, if there was less aerobic respiration could not take place; if gravity pull was any stronger we would all be crashed, on the other hand if it would be weaker we would start to flout. The list of scientific facts that seem to point to God goes on extensively and we are reminded of the anthropic principle. A man is facing a firing of fifty expert shooters and is relieved to find that when given the order to shoot, each of them missed. Which seems more likely; that each of the expert shooters missed their target, or that someone told them to miss the purpose? Of course, when consider the scientific phenomenon discussed above, it is the most logical and rational conclusion to say that someone or indeed something, had had formed the creation in the way we can experience it today. This religious view point in no way contradicts scientific understanding, but it does answer the question “Why?” which science seems being unable to do.
Moving from the subject of the cosmos to the more local subject of life on earth, where we can find yet more examples of the concept of combining religion and science which does not seen to be so farfetched. Noted and celebrated biologist, Charles Darwin, was made famous by his revolutionary theory of evolution. This is simply put, stated that all living things evolved and adopted from simpler things living. This theory is strongly backed up by significant scientific evidences and is widely accepted by many people (both scientists and non- scientists), however, Behe who is like Darwin or Dawkins biologist, had some very interesting points to make about this theory. Coining the term ‘irreducible complexity’, Behe stated that the concept that we evolved from simple, single celled organisms could not work as single celled organisms are not simple. The point Behe is making is indeed a...

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