Are Republicans Really What People Say They Are?

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Stereotypes and misconceptions have existed in many areas of the world for many decades prior to the modern ages. Stereotypes place labels on people coming from diverse cultures, religions, and communities. Misconceptions can arise from stereotypes, creating false identities for those groups. Although, stereotypes do have certain truths behind them not every individual from that group falls under those presumptions and titles. Technology and evolution has changed the way many individuals and groups perceive the world around them. Even though stereotypes still emerge in today’s society, many actually lack the knowledge of the reality of those groups and individuals. People need to become more educated and aware about the truth behind the many misconceptions and stereotypes that exist in today’s society. If people are not exposed to the reality of labeled communities then these groups will never be understood. Many individuals perceive and misunderstand republicans believing they are greedy ignorant politicians who don’t care about the general public when in actuality republicans are people with good morals and values that have the best intentions for a prosperous country.
Before expanding on the misconceptions many have of republicans, individuals may question why stereotypes have come about in the first place. Stereotypes arise when a small number of individuals perform an action that give the entire group a label. Stereotyping prevents people from understanding the differences between individuals. It has become so simple to follow the popular opinion and go along with believing in society’s interpretations or misconceptions of those around them. It has simplified the time and process needed to figure out how to approach individuals that may not seem to be closely related to other groups. The end result is to simply assume that everyone seems to fit under such categories that have the same characteristics and features. Cultures also play a role in creating judgemental perspectives because cultures basically outline the way certain groups should live their lives. Having various cultures all around the world can create negative attitudes towards societies and different groups of people. In His Politeness Is Her Powerlessness, by Deborah Tannen, she points out how “Entire cultures operate on elaborate systems of indirectness” (6). In many places worldwide, customs and traditions layout what is expected from individuals by that culture. Therefore, when actions of a particular group are different from those of the main society, people will approve or disapprove of their actions.
A common misunderstanding of the Republican Party is that they are all rich and only care about the upper class. There are also those who feel that most republicans want all the wealth to themselves and that they do not like to help the less fortunate. If republicans were only from the upper class then the only people that would vote for them would be from the upper class,...

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