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Are Scientific Management And Human Relationship Approaches Still Applicable To Organisations Of The 21st Century?

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consideration of human relations standpoint introverted , downplayed the impact of factors external conditions . Karl Marx emphasized that the man is the sum total of social relationships (including internal factors and external factors).
In the early twentieth century, argued scientific management was born in the United States. Representatives of the main arguments is Frederick Winslow Taylor, who was the scholar of Western management dubbed the father of management theories in a scientific way. He was born in meters lawyers wealthy family, was 18 when he passed the entrance exam to the University Harvad intend to study as his father's lawyer. Then diseased eye pain and headaches ...view middle of the document...

Identify a scientific workload of workers with daily operations and the time required to arrange appropriate technological processes (split part) and setting limits for each part. Norm built experimentally (click now each action).
Selecting the individual workers proficient, instead of workers "universal" (said many things, but not mature). The standardized operation with the equipment, tools, materials and standardized and conducive work environment. Each worker was tied to a position working on the principle of specialization.
Execution mode payroll (wages) by the number of products (valid for quality) and excess reward system to encourage the efforts of workers.
Management division, distinguish each management level. Summit focuses on functional planning, organizational and business development, and subordinates do specific executive functions. Make an organizational chart and functions according to online organize production according to the continuous line.
Many people believe that in the period of industrialization human factor in manufacturing was gradually replaced by modern machines. At the same time many people said that when management wants to increase labor productivity or increased salary increases just working conditions for workers are able to achieve the goal. Does the thought of the behavior of such workers have the right to practice it? Let's see some lightning thoughts of...

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