Are Seniors Unfit To Drive? Essay

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“As people get older, their instincts get slower and their senses can decline, including hearing and sight, which are both crucial to safe driving." (D35General). Required yearly driving tests for those 55 and older would be beneficial to other driver’s safety. Having required retests would eliminate bad driving habits as well as remove incompetent drivers from the road.

Seniors driving is not only a nuisance to other drivers but extremely unsafe. They do not use their blinkers, go unsafely slow and are constantly pulling over when cars get behind them. This causes congestion to the road and unneeded stress to other drivers. "Most of senior’s accidents are due to health impairments..." (Don). If yearly health and driving tests were required it would save on the amount of accidents, deaths and insurance claims, in the end saving everyone. Many other drivers do not admit to being unable to drive, as it begins to take away their sense of ...view middle of the document...

" (5hOwGil). There are many rules of the road and they are always changing, for example school zones, they changed from 50 km/hr to 30 km/hr. If we can start retesting at the age of fifty-five, than we can reduce the number of bad drivers and keep the roads safe. There are other provinces that require retests after a certain age, why not Nova Scotia? Driving tests after the age of fifty-five will not only save in accidents and deaths but also make the road less congested and safer for all.

At a certain age health issues become a problem for all, usually occurring the older you get. If mandatory health and driving tests were implemented after the age of fifty-five there would be a huge drop in car accidents. Many doctors are hesitant to take away seniors licences because it takes away a degree of independence, but what about the safety of others? In a news segments it was said that, “Most of senior accidents are due to a health impairment...”(Don). There are so many different things to be factored in when evaluating someone on their ablitily to be a safe driver – health, driving ablitiy, stress management, etc. As people become older they have a harder time dealing with everyday annoyances and difficulties, this makes them a potencial hazard on the road to themselves and others. Having a driving and health test every year after the age of fifty-five is not outrageous. If we can monitor the ability of the senior drivers on the road than we can start cutting the number of car accidents every year down smaller and smaller.

There are so many reasons why a person may be unfit to drive, unable to see, hear, handicapt, etc. Why is older not on that list? “As people get older, their instincts get slower and their senses can decline, including hearing and sight, which are both crucial to safe driving.” (D35General). This is a simple fact, people age and become unfit to preform certain tasks they used to in their everyday life. This is a part of getting older, a part of growing up. If we can learn to accept that we are not able to do everything forever and be willing to take an anual driving and health test after the age of fiftyfive and potentcially give up your liscence than we and not only bettering the road for others but we are bettering our selves.

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