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Are Social Security Entitlements Financially Sustainable?

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Emily Brandon’s article, “5 Ways to Fix Social Security”, proposed changes to the current Social Security system including: increasing the Social Security tax, lifting the payroll tax caps, raising the retirement age, a means-test, and modifying the cost-of-living adjustment calculations. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Harkin agreed with the removal of the payroll tax caps (Welna, 2013) and senior editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Mary Beth Franklin, concurred with Brandon’s suggestions and additionally suggested an increase to the payroll tax. While Professors Shiller and Diamond also support raising Social Security tax, both Professors disagree with making changes to computing ...view middle of the document...

Senators Warren and Harkin also agree with raising the payroll tax cap.
"If I make $50,000 a year, I pay Social Security taxes on every dime I make. If I make $500,000 a year, I only pay taxes on about the first 20 cents. After that, I don't pay any more Social Security taxes. That's regressive," Harkin says. (Welna, 2013)
According to Brandon’s findings, if the cap was eliminated over a span of 10 years, the deficit would be reduced by 71%. Using the two afore mentioned steps together, the financing problem would be resolved and applying both steps would allow for less drastic steps to be taken than if they were each used alone.
One suggestion appearing most problematic is changing the cost-of-living adjustment calculations. Brandon and Franklin agree this would work well since it would decrease/slow the annual cost-of-living adjustments thereby decreasing the deficit by 20% (Brandon, 2013) or even “could close another one-third of the program’s projected funding gap” (Franklin 2011); however, Professors Shiller and Diamond disagree. In Professor Shiller’s article, President Obama “…proposed that retirees’ Social Security benefits be indexed to something called the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers or C-CPI-U, rather than the current benchmark” (Shiller, 2013). This appears acceptable on the surface, but according to Professor Diamond the chained CPI would also be used to set federal income tax brackets, creating an income tax increase as people would be pushed into a higher tax bracket on top of slower yearly increases to Social Security benefits (Wang, 2013). Professor Diamond also explained the slower increases of benefits would have the largest impact on the elderly who already have limited income...

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