Are Students Cheating Due To Pressure?

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Are Students Cheating Due to Pressure?
Academic cheating has always been frowned upon by society and reasoned as the easy way out. From a teacher's point of view, cheating may be unethical. On the other hand, from a student’s viewpoint, cheating may be the necessary survival skill in school. Society has always been solely focused on how terrible cheating is but it has never considered the pressures that essentially cause students to cheat. Many pressures contribute to academic dishonesty such as the pressure to succeed, pressure for positive recognition, and the pressure to complete the task even with the teacher's inadequacy to explain the material.
There are various forms of academic cheating; methods of this act are certainly not limited. Cheating can range from taking credit for someone else’s work knowing that it is not your own or being untruthful in order to extend a deadline. However, the use of reference materials (such as books or notes) that are prohibited during an exam, copying answers off of someone else’s test, and or falsifying data are more specific methods of cheating. Cheating is not a new issue but it certainly is becoming more of a problem in schools. This is ongoing issue in which is being continued from when tests very first began. The only difference now is thousands of years ago academic dishonesty was done out of ignorance and wasn't taken very seriously. The punishments for this dishonest action were taken lightly in the past but now a day, with this becoming more of an intentional act, society has portrayed it as a negative aspect in academics and teachers are looking down on it. This is becoming a problem in school that seems as though it will never end and will never have an answer to.
Although it is very likely for students to copy answers from other students test in order to cheat; not all tests are taken with students physically in the classroom. There are also online classes available. Online classes could make cheating more accessible because there is not an academic instructor actually present in the room to monitor students and ensure there isn’t any cheating taking place. Educators definitely don’t plan on sitting back and allowing students to cheat and get away with it. They have different strategies under their sleeves in attempt to stop cheating. Erich Martel, a history teacher at Wilson High School in the District, was recently involuntarily transferred to another school in part because he used anti-cheating devices such as printing tests with fonts too small to be read from the next desk (Mathews). This will not be effective because students are going to cheat regardless of the fact that educators make every effort to try and prevent it. “Most experts doubt cheating will disappear” (Marklein)
Although teachers have tried several tactics in trying to prevent cheating, it is almost impossible to escape. With all of the attempts to try and stop cheating, why have teachers not thought of getting to...

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