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Are Teachers The Natural Enemies Of Students English For Beginners Essay

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Julian Bogner 10 c
Are teachers the natural enemies
of students?
English essay
“Fack ju Göthe“ is a very popular film worldwide, which told a very interesting topic
about the relationship between teachers of students. First they fight against each other but in
the end they are friends. I think it is a little bit exaggerated but the todays topic is, “are
teachers the natural enemies of students?“
First of all, many students blame the teacher for bad grades. If somebody gets a bad
grade, he’ll be mostly frustrated and will search for a excuse. With this in mind the teachers
are often the scapegoat. In other words the students think they have just bad grades because
the teachers a bad and silly. For example when you are near the better grade and you just
need a half point, you ask themselves why the teacher can’t give him the better one. I think
this is the only reason why students do not like teachers, because they give them also bad
grades, which the students don’t realize.
This confirmation of the these that they are enemies is just one view. Moreover there
are more important arguments why they aren’t natural enemies in school. The most teacher
want to get to understand the subject material, because it is their vocation to teach the
students these things. They try the best, that the kids unterstand their...

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