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Are The Expectations Raised By Romantic Movies Damaging To Real Relationships And Marriage?

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The setting of unrealistic standards for women and their relationships put pressure on men and what they have to do to make a woman happy. The definition of a gentleman in the dictionary is “ a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well mannered man.” Nowhere does it say that prince charming exists or that they have white horses and are here to save you at your every damsel and distress moment. As mentioned before the nice gestures are an extra to the relationship, you cannot expect them and they are definitely not a necessity to a good relationship, as these movies sometimes seem to depict it. Romantic movies have a way of molding women’s beliefs, expectations, and standards especially when it ...view middle of the document...

The movies tell women, 1. Men should automatically know what you want and when you want it. 2. Things just happen the same for everyone; every relationship has a happy ending. Now women are mad because the man doesn’t guess what is wrong and/or disappointed that they can’t have what others have. Let’s say the pressure builds up, the man decides that he has to commit to her and they move in together because he is afraid of losing her. The next step that these romantic stories portray would be marriage and children. Those two life events put enough pressure on people who mutually agree that it is the right time, the pressure they put on men who just want to live up to their woman’s expectation is insane. Overtime romantic movies have set this idea of what a man needs to be in order for him to really love a woman. One of the best love movies out there is The Notebook, based off the book written by Nicholas Sparks. This movie is guaranteed to be on the top of the best romantic love stories for any woman. This guy courts a girl, they have a summer love, which captivates anyone, and then she leaves him to go back home. He writes her a letter everyday for a year and then after no response, he decides to move on with his life. She had moved on with hers and after sometime she was living the “perfect life.” He never really moved on and he ends up building a house that he promised her when they were together during their summer romance. Years have passed by and they find each other again, realizing that the love never left. She leaves her fiancé and they get together and live happily ever after… literally. They show the dedication that this man put to his relationship, especially when his wife of so many years gets sick. At the end of the movie, when you think it can’t possibly get any cuter and romantic, they die together at an old age. Like other movies, women all over idealize this romantic story and you will very often see women say things to their significant other such as “why cant you be that romantic?” or “why don’t you do stuff like that for me?” Because of these movies, men have to maintain this type of pressure to try to overachieve in their relationships so that women feel like they are loved and appreciated. All of this pressure caused by the “relationship norms and timeline” that these romantic stories portray set these relationships up for failure. Men never had a chance if the woman he loves expects this ideal movie like relationship.
Besides creating the dysfunctional thought that happiness is brought by love, and setting unrealistic standards putting pressure on men, these romantic movies don’t show...

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