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Are The Soft Sciences Really Scientific?

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Are The Soft Sciences Really Scientific ? The word science originally came from the Latin word scio- to know. This suggests that sciences are a subject in which all answers are facts i.e. pure knowledge with proof to back them and no insinuations. This must be thought of as meaning that things are only scientific if they have figures and tried and tested theories to back them up. It was long ago accepted that Mathematics was the Queen of the sciences in that all things in mathematics have a logical reasoning found purely in the behaviour of numbers and therefore are not based on any form of human intervention. After mathematics comes Physics a science also based around the study of numbers, this time applied ,however, to the real world. This margin for human error by experiment already moves it away from the purely scientific as there is room for assumption to become knowledge without any mathematical or pure knowledge backing it up. Already we come to the difference between knowledge and belief. Though at least in physics we believe that all that we learn is true it is quite possible that in a few years time we will have to change our view of the subject as more information comes to light. Already there is a margin of uncertainty left that is not present in mathematics.The list of 'sciences carries on from most scientific downwards, first chemistry then biology. Already in biology we see many elements of the physical world being brought in. These elements can not be accurately measured and so approximations or...

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