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Are The Ten Commandments The Best Set Of Rules The Worlds Has Ever Seen Broadwater Essay

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Are the ten commandments the best set of rules the world has ever had?
I believe that the ten commandments are the best set of rules the world has ever had. Most of the rules (I would say eight out of ten of them) are still as important today as they were 3 and a half thousand years ago! However, the other two in my opinion should only have to be followed by the three main religions that worship the ten commandments, these are you shall not worship false idols and you shall have no other gods. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three main religions that follow these ten commandments. I believe that these commandments are written in such way as to intrigue people from all over the world to follow them. My most important commandments are, commandment number three; Many religious believers regard the sixth commandments as the most basic and easily accepted of the entire set, especially when it comes to publicly-funded displays. After all, who will complain about the government telling citizens not to kill? The truth, though, is that this commandment is far more controversial and problematic than it first appears - especially in the context of a religion where adherents report being ordered by the same god to kill quite often, number 10; honour your father and mother, honouring one’s parents is generally a good idea, and it’s understandable why ancient cultures would have emphasized it, given how important group and family cohesion was at a time when life was much more precarious. Saying that it's a good principle is not, however, the same making it an absolute command from God. Not all mothers and not all fathers are good enough to merit being honoured, and number; thou shall not covet (or lie), This may be the most contentious of all the commandments, and that's saying something. Depending upon how it is read, it can be the most difficult to adhere to, the most difficult to justify imposing upon others, and in some ways the least reflective of modern morality.
However, someone one may say that then ten commandments are not the best set of rules the world has ever seen. Reasons for this could be that the ten commandments accidentally use reverse psychology, in that 90% of the ten commandments use the term “you shall not” or “you shall have”. Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behaviour that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what is desired: the opposite of what is suggested. So, for example, the 6th commandment is “you shall not covet” (yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another), this simply encourages someone following this rule to disobey it and envy someone’s else bag or watch for example. To make this person feel differently about the ten commandments you could switch out these negative statements with positive one such as” honour the human life” instead of “you shall not kill”, or be...

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