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Are Traditional Families More Sucessful Essay

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"Are Traditional Families More Successful?" In this century, more so than in any other, this question has the possibility of having a multitude of answers. Mostly based on opinion, these answers would incorporate society's beliefs, values, and morals .But in order to look at the institution of family from an unbiased view, one must rely on choosing a sociological standpoint of which to base the evidence.In her article, "The Power Of The Positive Woman", Phyllis Schlafly takes a structural functional approach in answering this question. While using the word 'power' in association with women is not something that functionalism usually does, Schlafly takes a creative approach at persuasively getting the message across that power is not something that a woman has to find outside the home. In fact, quite the opposite applies here. Schlafly's viewpoint considers stay at home wives and mothers actually have more power than those of their working counterparts.According to the functionalist theory, society is kept intact by institutions, such as the family, performing their functions for the greater good. One such function performed by the family is the sexual function. Marriage is the key to socially acceptable sexual behavior. Schlafly's article, again, giving "power" to the woman, states that because a man's sex drive is stronger than that of a woman, it is easier for a woman to control her sexual appetite. Thus she gains some control over her husband.Another function performed by the family is that of reproduction. Since marriage is the primary sexual relationship in society, reproduction goes hand in hand with marriage. While there are many children, especially in this generation, that are born outside of the marriage, the overall majority are still born within a family. The function of reproduction, is according to Schlafly, yet another way that a woman shows power over a man. Reproduction not only serves a purpose of repopulating the society, it also satisfies a woman's desire to be able to nurture.A third component of functions performed by the family is socialization. Socialization of children in the family is one of the most important aspects of the functional theory. In order for children to be able to take their "place in society", so to speak, parents must not only...

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