Are Uf Os Real Or Not? Essay

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Are UFOs Real or Not?Are UFO's real or are they a myth?! UFOs are real because of all the pictures of UFOs, disappearances and also encounters many different people have had dealing with these Aliens and what pilots have seen in the air as they are flying.UFOs have been seen by Engineers and astronauts. One person is Dr. Richard Haines Dr. Haines is a former NASA research scientist and maintains a collection of over 3,000 UFO sightings reported by pilots. The chance that a UFO is a kite, balloon or bird is less when the UFO is seen at a very high altitude of course at kite could have snapped its string and be floating free. But balloons would burst because of the thinner air pressure and ...view middle of the document...

They also had instruments called electrometric wave analyzers. There had been seven unidentified tracks detected on the radar of Washington's National Airport on the night of July 20, 1952. Engineers are excited about the results of the VISIT study. Yet they reminded us that is not a study and not positive proof.One of these days we will have proof and then we will understand how UFOs fly higher and faster that our airplanes. Knowing the inside of UFOs can help us learn how to fly. Astronaut Gene Cemon said: "I believe UFOs belong to someone else and they are form another civilization." Gordan Cooper made a strong statement at Cape Canaveral, Florida in 1973. He said, "I believe UFOs, under intelligent control, have visited are planet for thousands of years."In May of 1969 Lucius Farish, first in association with Rod Dyke and now alone, had issued a 20 page, legal-sided compilation of current press clippings on UFOs and anomalies translations of foreign stories usually south American are featured. There is no stranger, UFO hoax than the Ummo affair. In 1965, Fernando Sesma, a contactor that directed the Society of Space Visitors, allegedly received a phone call from a man who spoke in Spanish with a foreign accent. The documents said to have been written by residents of Ummo identified as a planet revolving around the star 14.6 light years form the sun. In February several soldiers and two civilan witnesses saw a large object that was circular touch down briefly in a Madrid suburb. In spite the photographer's effort to hide the fact, it was determined that they were taken by the same man, an untraceable "Antonio Pardo." (Koss Could UFOs Be Real? 17-20)On September 29 Betty started to have nightmares that lasted five days. Bother her and her husband Barney couldn't figure out what happened to them. Dr. Simon and others say a person under hypnosis can't lie; he treated both of Mr. and Mrs. Hill for six months and seems to remember the same thing. Barney left the Highway not knowing why he just had been hearing beeping noises. He saw people dressed alike, they wanted to help them out. They began to become more fully awake when they heard the next set of beeps and then forgot everything about the UFOs. This physical evidence is puzzling when Simon does not rule out abduction but he has no doubt that Betty and Barney were not lying on purpose, yet no one was a witness to this disappearance. (Jerome 42-45,321).On January in 1878 John Martin was hunting six miles south of Texas when he saw a fast moving object in the sky it looked like a large saucer. "Flying saucer," they were not really described as such until June 24, 1947, when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold spotted a nine disc- shaped objects flying in at an estimated 1,200 mph over Washington. In a newspaper interview he compared their motion to that of stones skipping across water. Soon afterward, in the area a newspaper used the phrase "Flying Saucer" to describe what Arnold saw and the UFO age...

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